Spring Break

Sprinters!!! Spring Break Workouts


Day 1 - Warm-ups, Wall Marches, Boom Booms, Jay Johnson Strength Training.

Day 2 - Warm-ups, Wall Marches, Boom Booms plus Hill Sprints

Day 3 - Warm-ups, Hill Sprints, Jay Johnson Strength Training.

Day 5 Rest

Day 6 Day Repeat Day 1

Day 7 Repeat Day 3

Day 8 Warm up and then do 6-8 Strideouts


Repeat Day 7 then Day 8.



See Dynamics at the end of this document. If you were gone try some of the exercises shown in this video.

Lunge Matrix

Leg Swings

Wall Marches

Purpose - Develop proper leg lift and form.

Video 1 Practice this so you get good at it.

Video 2 - this video does a great job of showing the form needed.

Boom Booms

Purpose - Using proper form in a controlled manner

Twitter Videos Front View, Side View, all around view

Non Twitter Versions Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Hill Sprints

8 seconds long if no hills do 8 second sprints on the beach or backyard.

Purpose - Build strength, use good form doing it, will get the most out of your speed.

Watch the videos below to understand what we are going for.

Video 1, Video 2

The workout - do 2-3 marches up the hill. This should incorporate what you have learned from Wall Marches and Boom, Booms

Then do 4-8 hill sprints. You will rest 2-3 minutes between each sprint. This is not an endurance, aerobic workout that your cross country coach, basketball coach, or other coaches have had you do. The purpose is not to make you breath hard but to work on explosion and getting faster. You need full recovery to do that.

Strength Training

Finish with Jay Johnson Strength Training website is here.


Run forward, run backward

Dog bush forward, backward

Karaoke out and back

Love yourself skips-skips with arms

Groin Stretch - triangles with rock back-n-forth

Spider man with hamstring

Pigeon Pull

Knee Pull

Skipping distance-bounding

Skipping height

Marching with a purpose

Dipping bird backward

Butt kicks forward

Butt kicks back word

Deon Sanders Prime times